What is Halloween-creative Halloween costumes in 2016

What is Halloween

If you ask people, ‘What is Halloween?’’ they’ll probably know that. When people think of Halloween they mostly think about parades, trick or treating, bobbing for apples and family friendly activities, but the majority of people do not know about the ancient origin of Halloween. It all goes back to some 2,000 years to ancient Celtic festival that is known as Samhain, and celebrated on Nov 1st. On night before Samhain (31st Oct) people believed that the dead returned as ghosts, therefore they would leave wine and food on their doorstep to keep the roaming spirits at bay and would wear masks while leaving the house so they would be mistaken for fellow ghosts. Christians turned Samhain to All Hallows or All Saint’s Day in 8th century, and the night before became the All Hollows Eve that late shortened to Halloween.

You must have heard about trick or treating, but have you ever heard of guising and souling? All 3 of these customs were originated in Medieval Britain. On all soul’s day, Souling was when on Nov. 2nd, needy would beg for pastries, that were called the soul cakes and in return, they would be asked to pray for people’s dead relative. In the Medieval Halloween Tradition of guising, people would dress up in costumes and accept the food, money, wine, and other offerings in exchange for telling jokes, singing and reciting poetry.

In 19th century Irish, America and Scottish emigrants revived these old traditions, result of which was trick or treating. It became a festival, and people began celebrating it with zeal, but exactly what is Halloween? At first, it was much more about the tricks than the treats. It was not until the 1950s that the custom took its current, family friendly kid centered form. Today Halloween is big business. It’s estimated that America spend up to $6 billion on costumes and candies for Halloween each year, making it the seconds more commercial holiday after Christmas. So, whether you’re a fan of tricks, treats or trivia, there is a bit of Halloween history.

What should I be for Halloween?

There is one thing the children really forward to on Halloween; Trick and treating – going from one house to another in search for candy – has been a very popular tradition for over a hundred years. Halloween is no fun without trick and treating. The origins of this ritual however remain smoky. The probable forerunners to the modern day trick and treating have been recognized in the ancient Celtic festivals, early Roman Catholic holidays, medieval practiced and even British politics. Even though it is unknown exactly where and when the phrase “trick and treat” was introduced, however the ritual had been resolutely established in American popular culture around 1951, when the trick-or-treating was depicted in Peanuts comic strip. In 1952, Disney also produced a cartoon named “Trick or Treat.” It has always been about fun, trick and treating, and a lot more fun on Halloween.

What is Halloween if not dressing up in some really cool costumes? You find the kids all dressed up like their favorite characters, and even adult. The family friendly and kids-oriented activities make it even more fun. With friends, this day is worth celebrating, but do you feel alone and lack something? Halloween is the perfect day to celebrate with friends and family. Halloween is not really Halloween if you do not have a costume. Halloween is all about being creative and having loads of fun. Are you worried about what to be this Halloween? Don’t worry It is never too early to think about the Halloween costumes. Yes, you can look the coolest among your family and friends, with these amazing Halloween costumes. Here are some really cool suggestions for you.

Katniss Everdeen (For Girls):

When is Halloween?

Does Katniss Everdeen inspire you? Have you ever secretly wanted to be her? This time is your chance to be Katniss. All you need to do is to dress in black, wear a leather jackets and boots, and oh, do not forget the bow!

Green Men Army:

What is Halloween?

Dressed and painted in all green, you can be a part of green men army. You only have to add a green helmet to give it the perfection you need. With an army of your own, you can for sure make trick and treating even more exciting. You can encourage your friends to be a part of your army.

Scooby Dobby Doo Costume:

What is Halloween?

Everybody loves Scooby. Why not crack the Scooby costume this Halloween and take all the Scooby snacks? This would give trick and treating a whole new meaning.

Purple Minion Costume:


Who doesn’t love, the trouble-making minions? Do you want look different this time? All you need is a yellow raincoat and minion goggles. If you feel like embracing your evil side, you can always color it purple. This Halloween embrace the evil within you (in a complete harmless way), with this cool costume idea and let your friends know what Halloween is for you


What is Halloween?

If you’re running short on ideas and/or time, but you really want to join that cool party that your friend’s throwing, this is just the perfect idea for you. All you need is to grab a red dress and stick large black dots on it and you, my friend are now a ladybug.

The Batman Costume:

 creative halloween costumes

With the batman costume, you can save the day! Plus, you can have a adventure for life and you can be next batman personified, running on streets and asking trick or treat. The tricks may come handy the next time you choose to be batman.



If you hate ladybugs, this option might be for you. Carry a puppet, wear a nondescript outfit and be a puppeteer, because everybody loves puppets, right?

If someone now asks you, what is Halloween, tell them it is a festival packed with fun and lots of joy. Halloween 2016 is falling on Monday (October 31st), can your Monday get any better?


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