Reason Why This Election Day Should Be Our Business

 Election Day of America

This year has been a crazy one for the world. From Jeena Yateem and Chai Wala to India-Pakistan and Election Day, this year has been genuinely chaotic. In the world full of chaos, somewhere deep down we hope it wouldn’t worse, but the time proved us wrong.  As the dumbfounded America reflected on deep divisions exposed within country as Donald Trump, the Republican candidate won The White House, rest of the world has arisen to shake itself into reacting to this unprecedented moment in the history of US politics on this Election Day. People around the world are wondering where this will lead the third world countries and America itself, especially Muslims and other minorities living in United States of America.

Election Day

Trump is a danger and a threat that just got real and people are people are shocked to the point to jamming and crashing the Canadian immigration website to escape ‘President Trump’. Trump winning the white house may have been prophesied by a lot of people and every cartoons, but it is a horror that people actually voted for him. We live in an insane world, where rapists, bullies, rich people go free without even having to fear the consequences and today is just a perfect example of that.

Election Day

That there are people who doesn’t even realize that impact it would have on the rest of the world. It’s not just about America anymore; it is about the death of humanity and the rise of sexism, racism, xenophobia and homophobia. It is sad that the 45th president of the United States is the guy who mocks people with disabilities. Oh, not just that, he is also a sexist, racist, bigoted full-of-himself prick who happened to win on US Election Day. America lost today, and unfortunately it is going to take the entire world to doom in the war of making ‘’America Great Again.’’ America lost today and not just because Hillary lost the race, but because bigotry won. US just elected an openly sexist, obnoxious, racist, xenophobe to lead it. Gone are the days where Americans could actually stand up and lecture any other nation on extremism or immorality. This leaves the nation bare for world to see it for what it is. Trump does not just represent the fringe of America, he represents a chunk of it. Should we lose hope? No, there are still people who’re fighting and will continue doing so. Millions of others including the Americans who wished-for a better nation without having to let go of moral grounds and with spreading inhumanity, will continue to fight to redeem it. We thought we ditched our ugly past only to realize that our present is just as horrid. Now that it is irrefutable, our response needs to be unparalleled. In this world full of chaos, we still need hold onto hope and stand up and do something about it rather being keyboard ninjas. This Election Day is when we realize how prevalent is intolerance in our society (if it wasn’t people wouldn’t have elected Trump in the first place), and not just in America. We treat our minorities the same way Donald Trump treats Muslims, Blacks and Women. This might be a bitter pill to swallow what we got to.

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