Lack of Education and Barriers

Lack of Education

Education is one of the basic rights of every human being but still, it is inaccessible for millions of children and adults. They are even unaware of this necessity and they do not know how should they improve their living conditions while education is the most important factor to lead the betterment of a society.

Causes of Lack of Education

  • Poverty
  • Budget deficit in developing countries
  • Gender discrimination

Lack of proper classrooms


  • Lack of funds for education
  • Less and untrained teachers
  • No proper schools and classrooms
  • Lack of books and learning material
  • Disabled and special children do not get admissions
  • Transgenders do not get admissions
  • Political conflicts, economic issues, and pressures
  • Great distant schools
  • Poor nutrition and health issues
  • Formal or informal expense of education

Child labour Poverty and barriers to education

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