Co Creation or Collective Innovation

Concept of Co-Creation or Collective Innovation

Co-creation sites are becoming a ubiquitous business trend. More and more internet entrepreneurs create resources that allow users to try their luck as a clothing designer, app developer or products analyst on the one hand, and on the other – become the buyer of luxury goods.

The question arises: why are businesses rushing to this newly formed segment or – even creating it on their own?

It must be said that entrepreneurs’ thinking is a conservative thing. The reason is that businesses – as always – contain lots of natural risks. So, to create for yourself and your business more and more risks in the form of experiments, is a ‘no go’ for most entrepreneurs. And so the entrepreneur will never be a sort of an “absolute pioneer”, and certainly will never go opposite to the business trend.

The foundation for collective innovation sites (or co-creation) is already available in the West. Moreover, the West practically has no base for individual creativity, so to say for people who aren’t in need of a “Team”. (At least, the in the West such creators represent a minimum portion).

This trend is explained by a very simple and (for those who are familiar with Western standards of education) obvious reasons.

The so-called “team spirit”, which is deliberately introduced as early as primary school, then flowing into the policy of higher education, and from there – in a desk job. “Team building” is what Western schools devote the lion’s share of their forces and aspirations – starting almost from kindergarten. It doesn’t matter whether the student knows physics, it’s important whether he was brought up as a “team player”!

In modern Europe (and Western-oriented countries, such as, for example, Israel) schools practically don’t have homework such as “Write your own essay.” Any task is designed exclusively to work in a group and that group received the same final score, which they get for both managing to organize themselves and showing they act as a “unified team” while addressing the audience.

Based on all of this, a modern business should target an audience whose potential consumers have been involved in “team building” in schools, for the creation of a wide variety of projects involving “co-creation”.

Below is a list of co-creation websites that change the way business is done!

Co Creation or Collective Information – free publishing platform that allows authors, publishers, illustrators, reviewers, and others masters of writing to take part in the creation of books.

Using the platform, which is designed specifically for group work, collaborators can create new works that build upon, make and correct suggestions.

New works are written, both individually and as part of a specific group. WEbook preserves absolutely all projects and work.

Well, why not? Some are born with the ambition of being a writer, and some – with the ambition of a shoemaker artist. So, this resource aims to bring collective innovation into sport shoes and sneakers making.

Co Creation and Collective Innovation

Ryzwear allows users to offer their design options for high-end models of sneakers.

The design option which was voted by most people is then used in the production of the model.

The designer receives a reward in the amount of $1,000 plus $1 for each pair sold.

Co Creation Ideas

A indiDenim company offers everyone to create their own design denim pants.

The site allows users to create their own jeans design, choosing the style, color and model. The creative process begins with the selection of the model – for example, the user then selects the denim, and finally, the of style pockets. For women, a vast choice of Kaloshin models and over 30 types of back pockets. Choice for men is much more modest – they are invited to choose from five classic models.

Co Creation or Collective Innovation

Members Custom & Co.’s Trendy Workshop site can create a variety of exclusive models of knitwear in cashmere and cotton, ranging from sweaters, tunics, dresses, finishing with scarves and hats for men, women and children. Beginning fashion designers can experiment not only with color, but also shaped sleeves, neck, small details, creating a unique and exclusive models model. All unique knitted things started on the site, clothes were made in China and then shipped back within 3 weeks.

A feature of this co-creation site is the fact that the models, designers receive an additional opportunity to earn by selling their exclusive models knitted things on the same site, by organizing their own clothing stores. For each sold item, the designer who developed it gets from 5 to 10% commission.

co-creation Ideas

There is another new portal that allows everyone to create high heels.

Up to this point, women’s shoes were considered the exclusive privilege of fashion and famous designers. But resource Dream Heels, decided to change the rule.

Website users can design their own shoes design, using ready-made patterns and program a 3-D view. All copyrights models are available for criticism and voting by members of the Dream Heels Community. Every month on the results of the voting select one winner who receives a reward in the amount of $250, a certificate for the same amount from Dream Heels, plus a fee of 0.50 dollars for each sold a pair of shoes!

Innovation and Co Creation

Like the idea of selling through online stores?

Innovation and Co Creation

The company Local Motors from Massachusetts was not afraid, and decided to apply an effective model of “co-creation” in the production of passengercars.

Designers put their projects online in the public domain, and other users vote for any project that they like the most. Further, the site administrator selects the best design project, who scored the highest number of votes of users and the project continues to be improved with the help of suggestions and recommendations of the other site members.

As a result, the finished project is a new and improved model of the car launched in a limited edition production.

Co Creation or Collective Innovation

The American firm from Florida Republic Bike, in collaboration with with the largest retailer Urban Outfitters, created an opportunity to build bikes with custom design.

An online resource that allows anyone to choose the frame size, and color of any part of the bike – the seat, steering wheel, handles, chains, frames.

The choice of designers – lovers have invited more than 500 color combinations and solutions.

Once the design is completed, the company fills the order and delivery of the bike for a few days.

As you can see the global trend of “Bring my two cents worth” enjoys wide popularity in today’s business.

Co Creation or Collective Innovation

And we’re back to the undying topic – innovative collaboration. Crowdholding is a resource for the “public” to submit ideas and feedback to entrepreneurs in exchange for a cut of sales. Everyone who participates and receives a vote from the crowd becomes a part of the winners who get to share future revenue. Co-creation is a great resource for any novice business that wants to be in the trend.

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